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27 décembre 2010

Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Q-Tip, Roxanne Shante, Teedra Moses, tout le monde réagit à la disparition de Teena Marie ( Funk - RIP )

Le monde de la musique est en deuil:

Comme nous vous l'avions dit ce matin, la plus belle voix du Funk, Teena Marie n'est plus.

La chanteuse est décédée à l'âge de 54 ans apparemment de mort naturelle (ICI).

Et comme toujours dans ces là, les voix de collègues et des proches se sont élevées pour souligner l'immense perte.




Ce qui n'est pas peu dire:

Les géniaux et légendaires producteurs, Gamble & Huff sont encore sous le choc:

We're shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Teena Marie. She was one of the most memorable, soulful and unique R&B vocalists to come out of Motown. We send or condolences to Teena's family, the entire Motown family and of course, our dear friend Berry Gordy.

?uestlove le batteur de The Roots:

Educate.Learn.Absorb.Share. She was an amazing work of art. Most believed [Rick] James produced all her records. Truth is she produced these on her own…the mark of a true artist is when their album cuts get more love than the hits. Marie's magic was defined by her album cuts.

Common lui souligne sa performance dans le passage rappé dans le fabuleux Square Biz:

R.I.P. Lady T! Your rhyme in Square Biz is and will always be classic material…Teena and I are both Pisces and we believe that we've been here before. Thats why De Ja Vu is my favorite song.

Alicia Keys que l'on attend dans le Monster Monday de son mari Swizz Beatz:

God bless Teena Marie and her family. Sending blessings and prayers I was just saing that 'Fire and Desire' is one of the most beautifully performed songs. Once a beautiful song, always a beautiful song. Certain songs just have that 'thing.' What a sangin lady.

C'est vrai que Fire & Desire avec un autre disparu, Rick James, c'est quelque chose.


Some folks don't know who Teena Marie is…wow. You can run my mini Teena Marie playlist back to the top then do it again, hopefully a young singer can take this blueprint she left. RIP.

C'est sur qu'elle laisse du lourd derrière elle Lady T.




Roxanne Shante qui a travaillé avec Teena:

Ms. Teena taught me how to handle my 'Square Biz' Stop going 'Out on a Limb.' She also said I could not have made more noise even if 'I was a bell.' To never lose my 'Fire and Desire' because 'a Rose' by any other name is still a rose. That one day I would find my 'Portuguese Lover' and to keep my eyes open for 'Cassanova Brown,' but if you ever need me Shante just call out for 'Lady T.' RIP TEENA MARIE I LOVE YOU ROXANNE SHANTE.

Sheila E qui l'a fréquenté du temps de Purple Rain de Prince:

I will miss my girl Teena Marie. Real music by real people. God bless my sistah and her family. You will be missed.

Shirley Murdock, la copine de Roger Troutman, encore un qui est parti trop tôt:

R.I.P. Teena Marie! Father, Thank You for the gift you gave Teena Marie and for the Lady herself! 'Absent from the body...present with the Lord!' It's with this knowledge and knowing she loved you, we have peace and joy and the ability to celebrate her life! We lift up her family. Send your angels to strengthen and comfort them! In Jesus' name we pray, Amen!

Teedra Moses dont on attend des nouvelles musicales:

I truly loved Teena Marie's music…her attitude on rec[ords] raised me as a woman [and] artist. RIP Teena Marie tru[e] blue eyed soul.


Mary J Blige qui dit s'être inspirée de Teena Marie ... et comment ne pas la croire:

Teena Marie inspired me vocally as a child. Her songs I sang in the mirror with a hair brush. I'm so hurt.I'll love you forever Teena Marie…in my heart she's Teena. So rest in peace Teena. I love you. Every girl that grew up in the hood with her blasting through the windows, cars and radio waves can feel me.

Nous plus modestement, on peut dire que c'est la première fois en 30 ans qu'elle nous plombe une matinée ... si ce n'est pas la semaine ...

Fait chier !!!

En toute franchise.


RIP Lady T !


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