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11 novembre 2010

Chrisette Michele balance Rick Ross qui n'est pas content qu'Eminem gagne le Soul Train Award 2010 de la Best Hip Hop Song ( R&B - Rap )

Plus tôt dans la soirée, Skeuds vous a proposé (ICI) quelques photos prises lors de la cérémonie des Soul Train Awards 2010.

Parmi les invités figuraient Chrisette Michele et Rick Ross.

Et il semblerait que Rick Ross soit un mauvais perdant.

A l'annonce de la victoire d'Eminem de l'Award du meilleur morceau Rap, Rozay aurait quitté violemment la cérémonie.



Sa collègue sur Aston Martin Music, Chrisette Michele n'a pas vraiment apprécié ce mouvement d'humeur, témoin que dans le Rap si il y a beaucoup d'argent, il y a également beaucoup d'ego.

Et cela, Chrisette Michele ne le supporte pas (plus ?) et l'a dénoncé sur son blog ...

Check this OUT sur Skeuds ...

Chrisette Michele est sur Skeuds et elle n'est pas contente.

If this is the way hip hop is then I denounce it.

This is not about ego. This is about what I can bring to the world. My life is for the people. I live to give.

It’s my desire to bring life and freedom light and love everywhere I go. Upward mobility in the brown skinned community.

Who stands off at an award show because they don’t win? An award is winning at being as “stuck in a category” as possible. Congratulations to all the trophy holders who won at being the most like every one else.

I could have sworn hip hop was on the come up. But apparently rapping is about venting, bashing, chauvinistic pigging, and EGO. Not cool. Don’t LET me start rapping.

They say…I’m ecclectic. I’m underrated. I’m different. Well If I win an award it’s because I paved a way. Every award I’ve won was new in it’s category. You know why? Because I’m amazing at being my damn self.


Grammy – best alternative R&B song Centric award – Soul Approved Etc.

Have u even heard of those categories? Nope. But guess what? You ain’t never seen another me. And u never will. No ego here. Why? Because it’s none needed. My award is waking up every morning and CAKING off of what I believe in by the grace of God.

Maybe I’ll call my 4th album “winners : just like every body else” maybe not.

I pray with every song I sing Im singing from the bottom of my heart. If all we want is an award for telling our truths, then we really have no true reason. This isn’t a competition. This is a stage for self expression and I’m grateful for the opportunity to live on it. I’d sing even if nobody sang along.

-from the bottom of my disappointed heart. Hip Hop… Man up. I wanted to be supportive but I can’t understand you. I believed in you… But apparently you’re so high you can’t even see what the world needs.

Is all hip hop like that? Absolutely not! But some of it certainly is. Let me spit a few bars. I’m not that kinda hip hop. I rep hip hop too. But not that kinda ego trippin foolery.

Chrisette Michele – the girl on that Aston Martin Music record…

Spread love.


On vous avait prévenu, elle n'est pas contente Michele, et une Michele pas contente, on sait, à Skeuds, ce que cela peut faire.

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