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01 septembre 2010

Cee Lo parle de d'Outkast et de Goodie Mob ( Rap )

Cee Lo Green parle de son nouvel album intitulé The Lady Killer.

Et, interviewé par Vibe, il parle de Andre 3000, de Bruno Mars, de 50 Cent, de Janelle Monae, de Danger Mouse et de Big Boi.

Et bien sur de son clip F*ck You, dont la release officielle est sur Skeuds ...

A noter que CEE-LO de GNARLS BARKLEY sera au Trabendo le 23 septembre.

Nous vous en parlons plus précisement demain dans l'Agenda ...


Cee Lo - F*ck You -


So, check donc cette interview mais là, english obligatoire .... mais ça vaut la peine.

C'est sur Skeuds !!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>&...


VIBE: Talk about what the past couple weeks have been like having this song that’s blowing up while you’re still putting the album together.

Cee-Lo: It’s definitely a pleasant surprise but you can’t predict those things. I’m just very thankful and very fortunate for it to have happened to me and for it to be a first impression. But it is to signify an album coming, not to sum up an album.

So that’s not the sound of the album entirely.

Not completely.

Was there anything in particular that was inspiring you creatively while you were recording?

Well, yet another opportunity is an inspiration. Very immediately it is. It’s so cool to know that I’ve had a career spanning over 17 years and I’m still alive and well and succeeding at it. Sort of reinvention is what I do. It’s been an evolution, a change. It’s still been an extension and an improvement on what I’ve been consistent with all this time.

How are you reinventing yourself this time?

I think that this particular album is a side of myself I have yet to showcase. It’s really very subtle and sensual and sexual and it’s a softer side of me, to what people were convinced with Gnarls Barkley. It’s so different from that when in actuality Gnarls is something I can be; it’s not who I am.

Is there a chick that inspired “Fuck You”? I know Bruno Mars co-wrote it.

When they say co-wrote it, that means he produced it. Production isn’t writing credit.

Was there somebody that you were thinking about while singing this? An ex?

No, in all honesty not to spoil it for people... If people wanna believe that it’s biographical to whatever degree then go ahead, have some fun with the song, but no, it’s a fictitious account on the trial and error that we’ve all gone through a time or two. You can’t win them all for whatever particular reason so we were just having fun. It started off as a joke. Who would’ve known a song called “Fuck You” would be so commercially celebrated. Or get to a place to where radio tries to make amends, tries to find an alternative to where they can play it. They’re asking us, "Help us play this record." I couldn’t have predicted that. That’s great. I hope the song shows optimism amongst artists and executives alike, like ultimately it is anti-establishment to let you know: what has my career been but a big fuck you to the industry time and time again.

The radio edit is “Forget You.” Do you mind that it loses some of its edge that way?

Yes, I do mind. [Laughs] I don’t like it nowhere near as much as the original but it has to be done. It’s politically correct and that’s cool but I’ll be listening to the original and so will most people unless they’re the type of people that listen to the radio. I don’t. [Laughs]

This seems like the perfect song for a rapper to jump on—50 Cent did a remix. Is there any other rapper you would like on it?

I guess it depends. I haven’t really thought about it but it wouldn’t be completely shocking. I guess depending on who it was.

You’ve mentioned that there’s no rapping on the album. Why have you stuck with that choice as far as your solo work and what’s the feeling that you get out of singing versus rapping?

Well, with rap you can become confined to the cadence and with melody and harmony you can kind of bend it and twist it and stretch it and pull it into so many different shapes and sizes. It’s much more infinite possibilities with melody so I get a chance to be more artful. And rap has become just that. I don’t know if it’s hip-hop anymore, and so rap has become quite a contact sport and not to say I’m not up for a challenge but then again what I get a chance to do with melody is incomparable.

Everybody’s singing now. Drake...

Well, you know, more power to them 'cause I believe that we should all be trying to evolve over into a larger body of work. Diversify your portfolio, become a professional. And of course just simply do what you can. In the very simple sense, do what you can. I’m an advocate of that. If you can sing, then sing.

Are there any current artists that have inspired you recently as far as their work ethic or the music they’re putting out?

I’m inspired by almost everything that’s been done and everything that hasn’t been. If anything I just want to be a contributing factor to music. I believe that it’s a community. I want to sweep around my own front door.


I would think you would be a fan of Janelle Monae.

Oh, I love Janelle. Sometimes if you name one person and you don’t name another, you kind of have to name them all 'cause there’s a validity in all expression. Anyone who’s opened their mouth to think out loud and was brave enough to do that, it’s commendable in my opinion. Some have smaller organs than others but there’s someone for everyone. I’m still dissecting music everyday. There’s so much music.

You worked with Bruno Mars two years ago before he was on these huge pop songs. What did you think of him then?

We did an awful lot of work together. When I met those guys, Phil [Lawrence] and Bruno, we hit it off in a personal kind of way, very charming and cool guys to be around, and it was something I’d never done—work with people as far as writing is concerned so I got a chance to meet them before they succeeded at anything. You see a friend of yours go off and do his thing. So "Dr. Feel Good" that I did with Travie, that was a song that he did where we kind of [tried it] on me first.

Even "The Other Side" [with B.o.B. & Bruno Mars] was my song at one time and he ended up using that one. Even "Amazing," it was suggested that I sing that one. I didn’t really think it was for me, that it would work better for him. So we did an awful lot of music together and "Fuck You" is one of those things that just kind of stuck, but this is after we learned each other. We got a chance to laugh and live and they knew me personally, knew where I was coming from sense of humor wise and were able to really say yo I think this works and I trusted them.

Have you listened to Big Boi’s Sir Lucious album? People were really impressed with the album.

So was I. Because I believe that he surpassed almost everyone’s expectations. Not to say that people didn’t think it would be good or great. It’s just that living in that shadow of Outkast that’s very big shoes to fill.

I think people weren’t sure if he would make a great album without Andre.

Yeah, I agree.

Have you spoken to Andre lately?

I spoke to him about a month ago.

I hear that he’s recording.

Yeah, he played me some new stuff. It’s gonna be good. We still the mighty, mighty Dungeon Family. We have not lost it. [Laughs] this is what we do. But anything that’s natural takes time.

So the Goodie Mob reunion is still happening? You said you really wanted to get back together.

Yes it is, it’s still happening. We have quite a bit of material done.

Do you have a timetable for when you want to get it done or is it just organic?

I would like to have it done very closely associated to this solo record so we can do a lot of things collectively together. We can try to make it a package deal.

As far as Gnarls Barkley, how do you and Danger Mouse keep in touch? Do you still bounce creative ideas off each other?

As far as Gnarls is concerned, I know who I am in that space and it kind of goes without saying amongst us so it’s just a season that I’m pretty sure will come back around for me.


That's It sur Skeuds !!!!

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