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14 avril 2010

Ginuwine est vénère envers Timbaland

Ginuwine n'est pas content du tout.

Mais pourquoi donc ?

Il n'est pas content concernant son premier producteur, Timbo aka Timbaland. Celui même qui a produit son premier succès, Pony. Un titre zarb, qui a eu du mal à s'imposer en France.

Mais Ginuwine bien que rancunier envers Timbaland, le soutient pour le titre de VIBE’s Best Producer of All Time.

Ce qui ne l'empêche pas de lâcher quelques vérités bien balancées dans Vibe ze Website:

He really hasn’t been interested in working with me, so I can’t speak on the present. But back in the days, it spoke for itself as far as him being the most sought after producer. Music was boring until he came out with that new sound. Back then, I would have described it as futuristic because it was something that had not been done and people jumped on it. If it wasn’t for him making that style as hot as it is, a lot of producers that’s out now maybe wouldn’t even be here.

Bref, Timbaland n'a jamais trop cru dans Ginuwine. Il est vrai que son véritable succès était porté par Aaliyah.

Ginuwine reproche également à Timbaland de ne pas l'avoir aidé pour promouvoir son dernier album, A Man’s Thoughts, bien que Timbo produise une track de cet album.

Me and Tim were real close at one point. A lot of the times that I reached out, there were a bunch of excuses. I begged and pleaded with him because I felt a certain way but I was like, is it just a bad vibe that I’m picking up on? Maybe I’m bugging out, I don’t know. But it came out to be true and I still feel like he owes me an apology for that. The reason I’m pissed off at him now is because of what he did. I would’ve been cool and not bothered him if he would’ve said, ‘Nah, I’m too busy,’ or gave me the lame excuse like he’s been giving me. But don’t do it and then not do what you’re supposed to do [to promote the song].

Ginuwine parle ensuite du concours qui oppose entre autres, Timbaland, Pharrell et Pollow Da Don ... ainsi que de l'étiquette que les gens ont donnée à Timbaland comme étant un producteur de Pop ...

I would have to go with Tim. I’m still a man. I’m not gonna not say the truth just ’cause I’m mad at you. [Laughs] He’s one of the best producers ever to me. Pharrell actually came up behind him. And the only reason I said Polow [in the first round], I’m looking at it on a level of what’s out now. But as a whole, there’s no one that can touch Timbaland.


I don’t know about the sold out thing. I think any smart businessman would go where the money is bigger, but I also feel like you don’t forget your roots either. You don’t alienate the people that helped you and started you out… What is it about me now that you just don’t like? And if it is something, say it. I can take truth. I can’t take that kind of stuff and right now I don’t really like him. I really don’t. That’s not being a man.

Et enfin, Ginuwine lâche un peu le slip de Timbo et parle de son prochain album intitulé Elgin qui accueillera Brian Michael Cox et Diane Warren dont il parle si bien:

I did a great pop song, a great crossover song with her.

Elgin devrait être dans les bacs en aout prochain avec des guests comme Lil Kim, Trina, Ryan Leslie.

Pas vraiment si mécontent que cela Ginuwine !!

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